6 ways Rosetta’s POEM team used actionable insights to inform Samsung Mobile USA loyalty program strategy

Sometimes your customers will say it better than the brand (or team of copywriters) ever could.

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Rosetta’s Consulting, Planning, Analytics and POEM (Paid, Owned & Earned Media) disciplines combined efforts under one strategy and insights workstream. Because Samsung typically referred to their customers as Owners, this work stream was named Owner Intelligence. 

Rosetta’s POEM team delivered numerous reports to provide customer insight via social media channels. Through listening and curation, POEM had access to limitless conversations, trends and sentiment by Owners’ voices, influencer opinions and general market chatter.

These reports were used to inform brand positioning, creative messaging, customer relationship management, experiential activations and content planning.

1. Audit of third-party expert and influencer content leads to development of more relevant topics for original branded content.

Although Samsung had a help center with over 650 articles per device, this content proved too utilitarian to engage a customer during their onboarding process. In order to prevent Samsung mobile owners from solely seeking third-party experts as their tutors (i.e. bloggers and vloggers), the mobile brand was encouraged by agency Rosetta to invest in producing more original, branded content to build a stronger relationship by increasing time spent with the brand.

Rosetta’s Social team performed an audit identifying trending tips, tricks and top apps for Samsung devices via the voice of 27 top third-party experts. A key finding was that only 4.17% of the topics they covered were included in Samsung’s educational onboarding content series, presenting a major gap in the voice of the brand vs. the voice of the expert.

By uncovering major gaps, expert’s pain points and “hidden” or “secret tips,” the brand shifted its focus from presenting only flagship features to curating and co-creating more engaging topics. The content was syndicated on the Owner’s Hub mobile app.

2. Audit of user-generated content on Instagram reveals true passion points of Samsung Owners.

Samsung Mobile USA is in a unique position as owners create and post digital content that is made with their product. By auditing Samsung owners’ Instagram content tagged with the device name (ex. #GalaxyS5), the Rosetta Social team uncovered owner passions and also how owners’ followers may perceive the brand.

A key finding was that scenes of nature—landscape and closeups—were the most popular subject matter at 43% of the volume. Hence, in a customer onboarding email, Samsung recommended owners to download a particular suite of photo editing apps to compliment this organic trend of nature photography. While the audit couldn’t prove Samsung owners are not into food photography, it did demonstrate the need for stronger advocacy campaigns. For example, a recommendation from this audit suggested prompting owners to tag their foodie instagram content with the device name.

Comparative audits were performed on #iPhone6 and #iPhone7 to identify any differences in the subject matter.

3. Delivery of curated, user-generated content in an anecdotal format uncovers the authentic voice of the Owner.

In addition to providing the audits above with qualitative data, Rosetta’s social team also provided qualitative user-generated content to inspire creative and planning teams on a bi-weekly basis. Dubbed “Owner’s Overheard,” this bi-weekly report highlighted organic trends, revealed customer pain points and identified top brand advocates and influencers. Sometimes, the customer says it better than the brand ever could. Many of the Owners’ tweetamonials were inspired creative messaging and copywriting.

4. Pre-product launch social listening informs content planning.

Before a product launch, POEM uncovered the most talked about features in conversations online to inform content strategy. The reports presented benchmarks for conversation volume with competitors’ products. The insight also provided the most engaging features, which resulted in recommendations for featured tips and tricks for device on-boarding communications.

5. Predictive Social listening from past events inform tactics used at future events.

POEM uncovered pain points and opportunities from past events to inform strategy for optimizing future experiences. For example, social conversation from Coachella in 2014 was analyzed to identify trends which spiked engagement, such as photos of event wristbands and tickets posted by participants. In 2015, Samsung provided more post-worthy collateral and by upgrading their ticket design for VIP events.

6. Centralized market intelligence reports inform all disciplines within a client group and streamline research efforts.

The Samsung team at Rosetta Marketing grew to over 220 resources across five offices nationwide. In 2012, while the team was still growing, POEM noticed all team members were actively seeking Samsung news on a daily basis. In order to keep the team informed of only the relevant content in a timely manner, the POEM team created The Samsung Daily, which was curated, top news delivered daily to every team member’s email. This information was particularly useful for the client services team who were delighted to stay ahead of the curve, often knowing the news before the client and could react accordingly. The deliverable took seven hours per week for one curator to perform, versus 220 resources spending 20-30 minutes per day.

Eventually, the social team also delivered other market intelligence in the same format, including loyalty program, CRM and customer engagement articles, all of which were an efficient way for planning, creative and tech teams to stay informed.

Social Media & Listening Manager: Melissa Pardo
Auditors and Curators: Lindsay Julian, Sara Emerson, Nicole Varvitsoites, Kelly Cooper
Social Listening: Sara Emerson, Matt Nguyen

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