Samsung Mobile USA centralizes content strategy efforts on loyalty marketing channels to deliver personalized experiences to 6 million+ customers

A high-volume content repository complete with branded, co-created and user-generated content gets relevant, timely distribution thanks to clear guidelines in channel-specific playbooks.

Kara’s Role – Lead Content Strategist


Samsung Mobile USA’s 2013-2015 loyalty program strategy was to build brand love among owners and create envy among non-owners. Several always-on channels were used to deliver relevant content and experiences throughout the customer lifecycle from onboarding to retention, all of which laddered up to Samsung’s “Moments That Matter” loyalty framework. Because the content plan offered a blend—original, co-created, influencer and advocate sources, the Rosetta content team aimed to remain consistent when communicating in the voice of the brand vs. the voice of the owner. Channel-specific playbooks defined a custom source, topic, format and type for six audience segments, but through an overarching, unified voice:

  • Owner’s Hub mobile app channel – delivered dynamic content through a gated app, including downloadable rewards like music and event tickets, app recommendations and reviewed over 5,000 tips and tricks from third-party experts. The third-party content was tested and monitored for quality assurance. This app was also the hub for live activations at events across the USA. Delivered over 4,000 pieces of content. (In 2015 the app was been re-branded as Samsung+, a support community.)
  • Email channel – delivered personalized onboarding content over a 2-month cycle based on owner passions and device(s) purchased, delivered localized notifications of exclusive Samsung owners-only events within a 50-mile radius and delivered upgrade notifications and deals toward the end of tenure with the device.
  • Galaxy Pages web channel – delivered branded content on, a collection of inspiring stories that celebrate what every day and influencer Galaxy owners do, achieve and are passionate about experiencing.

In addition, the content team regularly updated a device chart which contained detailed differences in features for over 20 Samsung devices and four US carriers, and performed a routine content gap analysis in order to increase product knowledge.

Due to the playbook’s standardized processes, after only one year the client trusted the Rosetta POEM team to develop content without a formal client review of each content release.


CRM Strategy Director: Cale Thompson
Social Media Director: Ellen Curtis
Copywriters & Curators: Lindsay Julian, Sara Emerson, Nicole Varvitsiotes, Mindi Rosser, Kelly Cooper
Analyst & Social Listening: Maria Kahle

Sample playbook pages: 

Mobile App Experience:

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