Samsung Mobile USA uses customer data to build brand love, resulting in 65% increase in customer retention.

Does your organization have a customer intelligence team? Read on to see what can happen when strategists, consultants, analysts and content curators collide.

Kara’s Role – Lead Content Strategist for social audits


Samsung Mobile USA rewarded their owners with exclusive experiences to build brand love and create envy among non-owners (called the Owner Access program). These experiences included receiving freebies at major festivals, VIP tickets to exclusive performances by artists such as Janelle Monáe and first dibs at upcoming products and promos.

Data-driven Method

In order to deliver relevant content and experiences, Rosetta unlocked Samsung owners’ passions on a massive scale. They collected customer data via opt-in on channels like email and device registrations, performed a deep-dive customer study concluding with behavioral segmentation and enlisted the POEM/Social team to deliver organic online conversation through social listening, curation and user-generated content (UGC) audits. This super-group of data miners was called the Owner Intelligence team, while the Samsung owners’ UGC was nicknamed “OGC.”

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65% increase in device purchases, and an increase in program ROI by 40x. The loyalty program won a 2016 Mobile Marketing Association Smartie for Relationship Building/CRM.

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