#tbt Creating a Narrative with Facebook Wall Posts

Does anyone remember a long time ago when Facebook was the wild west? Before algorithm updates, boosted posts, sponsored posts and the plethora of other newsfeed ad products offered? I’m talking 2011-2013. Justin and Selena were still together and we were all using the iPhone4. Brands actually posted on Facebook to engage their fans, not just to secure click throughs. Some got it right and some got it wrong.

While working as a Social Media and Content Manager at Rosetta, I curated a roundup of the best, most engaging wall post trends from the top 200 US brands and delivered weekly to our client team. The insight informed strategy and provided competitive analysis. My colleague Melissa Pardo summarized those trends in the report below: Social Media Storytelling: Using Wall Posts As a Social Narrative. My favorite collections to curate were the different approaches brands would take to celebrate calendar events such as”May the 4th” and “Talk like a Pirate Day.” Hate to burst your bubble creatives, but putting your products in a March Madness bracket has been done!

Enjoy this blast from your past! Which brand did it best?


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